Hamlet Day Competition

Wednesday July 2, 2020 was Hamlet’s Day and the Clyde River Alcohol Education Committee (AEC) hosted a cake competition. Community members showcased their skills and the top three winners were awarded cash prizes. First place winner is Natalina Natanine who designed a beautiful single layer cake with blue and white icing with Hamlet of Clyde River’s logo. Second place winner is Ina Kautuq and third place winner is Judy Joanasie.

“We, the members of the AEC, wanted to show our appreciation to Council and the residents of Clyde River for the tremendous support that we have been receiving from them”, said Patrick Palituq, AEC Chairman. “We thought, what better way to show our appreciation, and were very excited to have the cake contest on Hamlet Day. Congratulations to our winners and again we wish to thank everyone who made it possible”.

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