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Mayor’s Monthly Insights

As residents and businesses make preparations for the annual sealift season, Mayors throughout Nunavut have engaged the Government of Nunavut (GN) to find out what additional measures would be made to ensure COVID-19 is not introduced to our communities during the 2020 sealift season.

Consequently, the Department of Community and Government Services, GN is working with us to ensure that shipping companies and other agencies take the necessary precautions to mitigate any COVID-19 risks associated with the loading and discharge of vessels in our community.

GN has put in additional provisions to existing practices and procedures for re-supply companies to implement so that our COVID-19 concerns are addressed. One of those measures, is GN’s appointment of a “Community Beach Representative” (CBR) for our community.

For the 2020 sealift, the CBR will be the main point of contact between the local population and the sealift operators during the entire sealift operations. The CBR will assist and participate in the planning and execution of the sealift operation to help mitigate risks that may impact the health and safety of the community. However, the CBR will only be present on the beach during dry cargo transfer.

Council wants to assure our residents that we will remain vigilant and take whatever steps are necessary to safeguard your health and safety during this challenging time.
If you have any concerns or require additional information about the steps the hamlet is taking for this year’s sealift operations, please contact our Senior Administrative Officer at 1 867 924 6220 ext. 205.

Keep safe and have a wonderful summer.

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