Solar Panels

 Green Sun Rising Inc. contacted CEDO Billy Palluq to put up 10 kw solar panels at the C-Hall and CEDO applied to Community & Government Services under Municipal Green Infrastructure Fund (MGIF) to put up Solar Panels at the Community Hall. The process of applying for GN funding is:

  1. Have Hamlet Council select and approve by motion Top 10 Priority List
  2. Put the Top 10 Priorities resolution on Integrated Community Sustainability Plan (ICSP) at
  3. Apply for funding through Community & Government Services.

Once the funding was approved and Contribution Agreement signed. Green Sun Rising Inc. in Windsor, Ontario shipped the panels to Clyde River, Nunavut by sealift and brought in employee to install the panels. For some reason, Hamlet’s Heavy Equipment Operator threw away the panels thinking boxes were ready to be thrown away. Billy and Brett at Green Sun Rising Inc. went to the dump site to look for panels but they were already taken.

If we can’t find the panels, Municipality of Clyde River will need to purchase new panels at a cost of $20,000 and install them in April 2022 when the sun rises in the north again. The sun sets in November 2021 and will not rise again until January 2022.

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