Kangiqtugaapik Food Bank:

Kangiqtugaapik Food Bank was incorporated on December 11th, 2019 and have accessed funds from Federal Government, Government of Nunavut and Inuit Organizations since its incorporation as a non-profit society. Total funds accessed to date $353,8687.94 with $100,000.00 pending from Food Banks Canada and $13,000.00 worth of poultry and dairy products pending approval. Food Banks Canada deadline is November 1st so first week or second week of November, we will hear from Food Banks Canada and Second Harvest will not decide until January 2022.


  • Ending March 31st, 2020 Kangiqtugaapik Food Bank has received total of $26,774.94
  • Ending March 31st, 2021 Kangiqtugaapik Food Bank has received total of $182,094.00
  • Starting April 1st, 2021 to date Kangiqtugaapik Food Banks has received $145,000.00. ACL donated $50,000 and the Municipality of Clyde River donated $45,000 with the total of $95,000.00 for sealift. Food Banks Canada approved $50,000.00 application and deposited to ACL so Kangiqtugaapik Food Bank can keep receiving food from ACL in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
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