Municipal Services

Water, Sewage and Garbage Collection

Any resident or business requiring municipal services – water, sewage and garbage collection must complete the Application for Services. No municipal services will be provided until the completed application is submitted and, where applicable, fees are paid.

Regular water delivery will be Monday to Sunday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding any municipal and/or statutory holidays. At any time other than regular hours; any water delivery requested will be determined a “call out”, and is subject to an additional charge.

For delivery information phone: (867) 924-6181
For billing information phone: (867) 924-6220
Water call out (dispatch) phone: (867) 924-6181

Service Fees

Deposit                                                                                                           $100.00

(Refundable to customer in good standing within ten (10) days of closure of the account)

Water/Sewage Callout

– private residential                                                                                        $175.00

– commercial, government & organizations                                                  $220.00

NSF cheque fee

Water Rate    

Economic Rate                                                                                                $0.066 per litre

Commercial Rate                                                                                            $0.010 per litre

Residential and Non-profit                                                                             $0.0030 per litre

Garbage Rate


  • Dumping fee per month                                                                          $35.00
  • Pickup fee per month (per unit)                                                              $25.00
  • CR Housing residential pick-up fee per month (per unit)                        $50.00


  • Local – dumping fee per month                                                               $120.00
  • Local – pick-up fee per month (per unit)                                                  $175.00
  • Contractor dumping fee per month                                                        $500.00


Pick-up fee per month (per unit)                                                                   $300.00