Clyde River is famous for having excellent Arctic Char. Whether jigging through the ice or casting in the river or off shore, fishing for Arctic Char is a popular year round activity. Fishing licenses can be easily purchased from the local Wildlife Officer.

Photography courtesy of Peter Iqalukjua


There are many fiords near Clyde River. They are peaceful and beautiful. They are perfect for camping, kayaking, boating, fishing, picking berries, hunting, and for just relaxing with friends and family. Many cozy cabins dot the landscape of the fiords and provide comfortable refuge for travellers.

Photography courtesy of the Ilisaqsivik Society


Clyde River offers abundant opportunities to view wildlife, including polar bears, arctic foxes, snowy owls, arctic hare, bowhead whales, narwhales, and many types of sea birds and raptors. Local outfitters/guides are available to take visitors for day trips, or multi-day excursions.

Photography courtesy of Leslie Ashevak